Every product made by Valmark Interface Solutions goes through a first-article inspection the first time it is manufactured. This first-article inspection is conducted by a certified QC inspector. Customer critical items on the engineering drawing are verified in writing to ensure that critical dimensions have been verified and proven to be in tolerance. Every color, location and detail of every graphic are checked , confirmed and verified.

Complex or simple, one of a kind or one in a million, we’re confident that every Valmark Interface Solution product will fully meet the highest expectations of our customers.

For several years running, Valmark Interface Solutions has won coveted “certified supplier” status from some of the biggest names in the business: Apple Computer, Baxter Healthcare, Solectron, Agilent, Coherent Laser, Nortel Networks, Extreme Networks, Omnicell, Abbott Laboratories, Plantronics, Fresenius USA, and many others.

Many of our customers insist on very formal performance evaluations of their suppliers. They conduct thorough physical inspections of our facilities, and audit our documentation and quality control systems. They diligently track our deliveries for accept/reject ratios and on-time status. Our performance is evaluated and re-evaluated for quality and on-time delivery on a regular basis. From documentation through quality and on-time delivery, we consistently get the highest marks. To get these results, we employ the latest technology to monitor quality, and use Total Quality Management (TQM) and Statistical Process Control (SPC) techniques when we are manufacturing thousands of a particular component.