User interface switching and sensing technology are typically laminated, attached, fastened, or mounted to a plastic molded or metal fabricated component or housing to create a comprehensive HMI solution. VIS has the expertise to design, or support your internal design efforts, to ensure more control over providing the proper registration and successful integration of other user interface technologies being deployed.

VIS can provide a range of electronic design capabilities. Adhering to the IPC standards that regulate the rules and guidelines for PCB and PCBA manufacturability and reliability, our engineering team can support the schematic design, capture, and layout of advanced electronic components and assemblies. We use the latest in 3D CAD and PCB design, simulation and layout tools, and we support all technologies in the manufacture of PCBs, including through-hole, SMT, flexible circuits, mixed and hybrid designs, and of course complying with IEC, RoHS and REACH standards where required.

VIS is also a recognized member of SGIA and ASTM, where our high-quality, screen and digitally printed graphic overlays are considered one of our foundational technology offerings. By offering a broad and deep technology portfolio coupled with advanced methods of production and assembly, VIS will create and customize an innovative product design strategy to fit your specific needs and successfully bring your products to market.